Connallys Real Estate specialise in property in Kyneton, property in Heathcote and property in Romsey. More specifically Commercial Property, Residential Property, Rural and Development Land, Farmlets, Businesses, Units and Houses, from their offices in Kyneton, Romsey and Heathcote. Connallys can also take care of your clearance sale needs.

What makes Connallys different is local intelligence, allowing you to get a more accurate insight as to what the market is doing and what opportunities are coming onto the market.

A good decision is one that is well researched and Connallys’ commitment to knowing what is trending has facilitated over three (3) decades of growth in the Central Victorian property market.

Bringing customers and sellers together has earned Connallys Real Estate in Kyneton, Heathcote and Romsey a reputation for trust, integrity and superior local knowledge.

Feel welcome to take a look at our property listings and if you have a special need

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