Heathcote which is located in Victoria’s heartland  of Central Victoriais fast becoming known as the Shiraz Capital of Australia.

It’s a township with exceptional natural and built environments. Surrounded by a wealth of native Box Ironbark Forests and toasts a number of heritage buildings and environmental sites that are enjoyed by tourists and locals. There is much pride and recognition of historical buildings and sites, including the Valley of Liquid Amber, The Pink Cliffs and the Powder Magazine.

Heathcote is a small rural township nestled in a picturesque bush landscape. The residents are proud of Heathcote’s unique physical and social attributes which includes the weather, peace and quiet, friendly people and excellent services.

Heathcote is located at the junction of two major highways, at a convenient distance from Melbourne, Bendigo and a number of other large towns. For a town of its size, it’s very well resourced, with a hospital providing a diverse range of integrated services, its own Council service centre and a broad range of sporting and recreational assets. With a low crime rate and sense of safety, Heathcote is recognised as an ideal town to raise a family or retire. Heathcote’s atmosphere and lifestyle are also widely recognised and celebrated.

Amongst the residents, there’s a considerable element of pride about Heathcote’s numerous attributes. It’s regarded by many as an ideal community and one that continues to be an attraction to retirees and families seeking the experience of a country lifestyle. Among the many attributes are; the climate, bush setting, friendliness, community spirit, great health and sporting facilities, McIvor Times weekly newspaper, essential shops and services, clubs and social activities.

Connallys Real Estate has been operating in the Heathcote area for over 25 years, with the Connallys family residing in Heathcote for more than 50 years. It’s the area’s leading Real Estate Agency, having developed a reputation for outstanding professional services.

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